Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, I have lived in Sydney and Brisbane for the last 30 years – I now call Australia Home.

I was introduced to network marketing by a good friend. With great belief in the process of referral marketing, over the next few years I built a business organisation of many thousands of happy distributors which to this day provides me with great passive income.

Now I spend most of my time helping people achieve financial and health freedom where they can start living the life they dreamed of;  not one that is planned for them by someone else who has no real interest in their future.

When I ask people what they want most in life they frequently respond with freedom from financial and health stresses. Let’s face it – with health and finances under control you can afford to spend time doing those other things you always wanted to, like travelling, learning a new language, renovating the house or working for a charity.

What I have seen in action is an income generation plan where people can retire in just a few years, with perpetual income … not in 40 years like a regular job where they exchange time for money.

Working with a dedicated team of like-minded friends, helping people achieve their dream lifestyle for themself and their family, has been a true and daily blessing.

If right now you are looking to take advantage of the trends and control your future, then take some time while you are here and visit my website or contact me direct at zenith@mtexpro.com


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